Four generations and a kangaroo advertise Answers

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I’ve enclosed a photograph today of my mother, my daughter Renee, my new granddaughter Kylie, and myself. Four generations! And I praise the Lord for a godly Mum who, along with our godly Dad, raised a generation to love the Lord and His Word. Mally and I praise the Lord for our five children who also love the Lord and stand on His authoritative Word. And we also praise the Lord that our daughter Renee and her husband Bodie are doing their best to train their daughter Kylie to love the Lord Jesus. As my Mum may not be able to travel to the USA again (this trip was very hard on her), this is a special photograph to be treasured.


100106_2.jpgOur photo of the month (and this is only the first day of the month) has to be the one enclosed taken in Australia with a kangaroo advertising Answers magazine!! This photograph is courtesy of Dr. David Crandall (Director of AiG Worldwide) who recently came back from speaking in a few churches "Down Under."

Speaking of Answers magazine, our family just received the 2nd issue in the mail. What a fantastic publication! More pages than last time—more information—cutting edge!! If you haven’t subscribed yet, make sure you do—people all across the USA and around the world are now subscribing to this leading creation/biblical authority/worldview magazine. For more information on Answers and to see the special website just for the magazine, go to

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying—please pray for my upcoming speaking engagement in Canada this week.


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