An eye-opening poll

by Ken Ham

Recently, an AiG supporter funded a poll (conducted by one of America’s leading researchers) to find out more about what is causing people to leave the church in America. Today, we had a meeting with the researcher to go through the results of the poll. It was absolutely eye-opening. We will be releasing the results of this poll in various ways in the future, but it clearly shows that the creation/evolution and “millions of years” issues have had a major affect on how young people have viewed the Bible. The poll also shows a major problem in the church in regard to how people are taught. We believe the results of this poll will greatly challenge the church.


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Today was the last day in our special “staff appreciation week.” A hot breakfast was provided for the staff this morning. I have attached photographs taken at this event.

This weekend, we have a special family get-together with my mother—she will be traveling back to Australia early this coming week. I will also be getting ready for my trip to Canada and writing the next newsletter article and monthly letter.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.

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