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AiG in the UK

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Mike Zovath and I are in the UK right now. I speak Friday and Saturday—but today we spent the time in a board meeting for the AiG–UK ministry. We have been working through ways to grow the ministry and increase the effectiveness in reaching Europe with the creation/gospel message.

AiG–UK was originally the vision of the founding chairman (Prof. John Rendle-Short) of the Creation Science Foundation in Australia. This was the ministry that began in the home Mally and I lived in when we lived in Brisbane, Ausralia.

Well, Mike's driving was a little better today! He's finally remembering to put the clutch in and let it out at the right time! Although, he did sin on the motorway this morning—it was taking us longer than we thought to get to the board meeting location!

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Thanks for your prayers and for stopping by.


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