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While I was in Mexico, I had a number of children give me drawings of dinosaurs. There is no doubt that children (and adults alike) are fascinated by dinosaurs. As I speak on dinosaurs and illustrate clearly how the Bible explains them, children just lap it up! There are also lots of dinosaurs at the Creation Museum. Secularists use dinosaurs to try to convince children and adults about millions of years and evolution—AiG uses dinosaurs to help children and adults understand that the Bible’s history is true—that’s why its message of the gospel (based in that history) is true.

I’ve attached one of the drawings a young boy gave me when I was in Saltillo, Mexico recently. He said he wanted to be a creation paleontologist. I’m going to send him some creationist literature on dinosaurs to encourage him.


Well, I will be in the UK for the next few days attending a board meeting of AiG–UK and then speaking at two seminars (see details.)

Mike Zovath and I arrived in the UK—we are trying to de-jet lag right now! We have a manual transmission rental car—and Mike does the driving (I have to pray a lot!). He keeps forgetting about the gears and clutch—so it has been a rough ride around the London area (very rough—hopefully things will improve tomorrow as we have a long way to travel!).

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