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An AiG supporter from North Carolina arrived in Turkey recently for a three-week trip, and on his day of arrival (at Izmir), he came across Turkey's only English-language newspaper—and guess what's on the back page? He was (happily) shocked, he wrote me, and said: "When AiG shows up in a Middle Eastern newspaper, you know you've gone international." I've attached a photograph of part of the back page of the newspaper that was sent to us.



By the time you read this blog, the first of my meetings for this trip will be over. As of writing this, I found out that a group tried to cancel our booking for the auditorium at the University where I'm speaking tonight. The University didn't allow it—after all other religious groups like Muslims use such facilities. Isn't it typical though, that it's a Christian/Creationist group that the opposition tries to ban! We've also been told that the opposition will be at the meeting tonight handing out leaflets, and protesting. We'll have to see what happens. I'll give you a report in tomorrow's Blog.

While here in the UK, Mike Zovath and I attended the AiG–UK board meeting, and this morning met with staff. I brought a devotion to them based on 2 Chronicles where Solomon had finished the temple and dedicated it—then the Lord spoke to Solomon and warned him what would happen to the temple if His Word was not obeyed. We all know the temple was destroyed because the people did not obey God's Word. The point I made was that it wasn't the building that was important to God, but the obedience to His Word of those using the Temple that was important. It's not the building that's important to AiG–UK (or the USA Creation Museum), but whether those using the building are faithful to the Word of God. I challenged them to always remain faithful to the Word of God—and as God entrusts us with little things and we are faithful to Him. He will entrust us with bigger things.

Well, Mike's driving was much better this morning—three days it's taken to get him driving where I feel safe!!!!!!

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