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This morning at staff meeting, Brad Benbow (from Joseph David Advertising) unveiled an exciting branding campaign that began today with a two-page spread in WORLD Magazine.

Brad is not only a consultant for AiG, but is also a special friend of the ministry. He used the same resources that the secular world uses to produce advertisements of the the highest quality possible that will be placed (as a series) in various Christian and secular publications. They also produced two dynamic 15-second television advertisements. These will be initially shown on Christian television stations and eventually, we trust, in the secular arena.

We also have some unique opportunities for our supporters to use these advertisements—which will be explained in an upcoming AiG newsletter.

All of this is a very bold (and aggressive—in a positive way) step for AiG to become more known throughout the Christian and secular worlds. We do this in order to present the gospel and to let the public know there are answers for this age, clearly showing that the Bible is the authoritative Word of God.

In conjunction with this branding campaign, our talented web team has redesigned the front page of the website (and enabled our website to load much more quickly)—make sure you check it out:

The first double-page ad appeared in the WORLD Magazine issue dated September 2. I have attached a copy of the first advertisement, meant to coincide with the anniversary of the September 11th World Trade Center tragedy.

Please pray for this branding campaign, that many many more people will hear the clear message that Scripture has answers for this skeptical world.


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