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I thought that headline might raise a few eyebrows!

I get so tired of newspaper articles and books that claim that natural selection is the same as evolution in the molecules-to-man sense. And I get tired of evolutionists claiming creationists don’t believe in natural selection because we don’t believe in molecules-to-man evolution.

Consider this quote from a review of a new book on evolution:

It has always been hard for some people of faith to accept that nature's marvelous complexity could be the product of natural selection -- a passive process incapable of intent and unguided by any divine hand. Nevertheless, the evidence for evolution is everywhere
We have many articles on our web site about natural selection—creationists believe in natural selection. Darwin was right about natural selection! But Darwin was WRONG that natural selection is evidence consistent with molecules-to-man evolution. Natural selection has only operated WITHIN each KIND of animal and plant—only with the information already in the genes. When properly understood, natural selection is in fact the OPPOSITE of a molecules-to-man process.

The reason I wrote about this is because of a book review in the Washington Post on a new book that does nothing new!! From the review, it seems the book mainly deals with natural selection and Darwin’s observations! It’s about time secular scientists woke up to the truth about natural selection.

And such statements as the following from this review are ridiculous!:

… the general theory [molecules-to-man evolution] of evolution is the most tested in science over the past century and a half. Scientists agree: Evolution happened.
You can read the review at this link: The Washington Post—Evolution and its discontents


AiG could not have accomplished all that has happened at the Creation Museum without the thousands of volunteers. The two photographs shows volunteer Sheila Selby working on the rainforest area. Thanks Sheila—and thanks to all the other volunteers. If anyone is interested in volunteering to help with the landscaping—there is plenty to do before winter sets in.

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I spoke at the Saturday evening service in Greenwood tonight—then three services tomorrow morning and two sessions Sunday evening and Monday evening. I also speak at two school assemblies Monday morning and afternoon (see event details).

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