More preserved dinosaur soft tissue

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There is another fascinating report about preserved dinosaur skin and preserved dinosaur soft tissue.

The article states:

Five years ago in the badlands north of Malta, paleontologists uncovered a mummified duck-billed brachylophosauruses so well preserved that much of its skin and soft tissue parts remained along with its skeleton.
You can read the whole article at: Great Falls Tribune—Mummified Brachylophosaurus holds secrets millions of years old.


In Greenwood, Indiana this morning, after the 3rd service, a man told me that after hearing me give a message 2 years ago that answered a lot of questions for him, he became a Christian. It is so thrilling to hear such testimonies—who knows how many more lives have been changed like this through the ministry of AiG.

Today I spoke five times and Buddy Davis spoke twice, gave a mini concert and conducted a children’s workshop—so we are all tired tonight!

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