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An organization like AiG, even with the website and speakers, etc., can’t reach everyone! One of the vital parts of this ministry is equipping others (like those of you reading this) with information you can take to people in your community. I’ve often told reporters that I look on AiG as a great big reservoir of information with numbers of pipes taking that information across the nation and around the world. A testimony like the following illustrates this.

Dear Ken, I was a student at Creation College 2… I just finished the Answers Academy course with our middle & high school students, which was about 250 youth. The other success story is that our church …will be starting a Christian School this fall semester and we are going to be using the "God's Design" science curriculum and other assorted books from Answers in Genesis.

I am very excited about the starting of our school and that at the foundation of our principles is teaching a creation world view to the children that will be educated at our school. I am thankful for your ministry and being able to provide so many resources to help us instill in our youth a Christian World View. And provide them with the answers and be able to stand on God's Word and understand that it is the authority on which they can guide their lives. Thank you very much, It's an exciting time to be a Christian. (From Tennessee)


The Answers with Ken Ham daily program (that features Mark Looy asking me a question) is heard on around 1,000 outlets (stations and translators) across the nation and around the world. We receive many great comments on the effect of this program. On Friday, one of our staff told me about one of the contractors working at the Creation Museum. This person was fixing the radio in his vehicle and somehow "accidentally" switched on a station only to hear an Answers with Ken Ham radio program. He then lost the station and couldn’t find it again—but he talked to one of the staff saying he wanted to hear more of them. The staff member gave him copies of the CDs we send to radio stations that have 45 programs per CD. The staff member will also give this person other material as well. Isn’t it amazing how such "accidents" are used by the Lord to reach people with the truth of His Word?

Here is another radio feedback we received this week (by email):

My children and I simply cannot get enough of Answers with Ken Ham or the Mini- Dramas. Thank you!

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