"Free lunch" at AiG?

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You’ve heard the phrase "there is no such thing as a free lunch!" Well today at AiG, the more than 200 staff and volunteers were given a complimentary lunch as a "thank you" for the hard work they do, and for all the sacrificial time they put into the "Behind the Scenes" day recently. Even our Noah’s Café staff had a day off (sort of)---we hired outside caterers to bring in BBQ pork and chicken.

The photographs tell the story. And again, thanks to all the fantastic AiG staff—what a dedicated group they are. Praise the Lord.

081406_4.jpg 081406_1.jpg081406_3.jpg

081406_6.jpg 081406_7.jpg081406_2.jpg


Today we were pleasantly surprised to see some visitors from Brisbane, Australia. They happened to be in the area, and had followed the creation ministry for many years. They wanted to see what the Creation Museum was all about. They didn’t expect what they saw and experienced! They told me they had no idea of the size and quality of this special place. They even had the opportunity of sitting through a 20-minute planetarium program—another mind-blowing experience for them. They want to go back to Brisbane (our home city) and tell as many as they can about it. We gave them copies of Answers magazine and other material to take back with them. They can’t wait to come back when the Creation Museum opens.


AOL News reprinted the AP article on the Creation Museum and is conducting a poll about the success of the museum and people’s belief in creation. Go to this link and take the polls—and see the results. Very interesting (and encouraging): AOL---Museum Depicts Creationist History.

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