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Today, three pastors from the African nation of Cameroon visited the AiG Creation Museum. These men minister in their very beautiful country that is wide open to the gospel. These pastors, from this developing country, have never been exposed to a museum---much less a Christian Museum---with animatronic dinosaurs. Their English language adjectives failed to help them express their great delight and joy, so they resorted to a high-pitched “wow.” One pastor was overwhelmed with delight and surprise that something like this even existed, and at the end of his journey through the museum said, “I feel like I have just walked through the Bible.” Each man expressed that this visit was a spiritual experience and certainly the most blessed experience that they have had since being in America. Dr. Crandall, who has visited Cameroon, talked with these men about getting AiG radio on their stations and sending AiG materials in French to the believers in that country.


Those in the photograph from left to right are: Ignatius Arrey Agbor, Ingam Goris (son of Acha), me, Marcus Mokoh, Acha Goris, Ike Goris (son of Acha). Acha lives in Cincinnati---the others are from Cameroon.


Various statistics have made it extremely obvious that the Creation Museum is going to be overwhelmed with visitors as soon as it opens. To get ready for this "invasion," AiG decided to fill in the portico with glass, so this becomes the "lobby" where people can congregate. This should greatly enhance traffic flow through the museum. AiG is also expanding the café and parking. I have enclosed photographs of the steel that arrived this week so the construction on the portico can now begin in earnest.



Terry Mortenson wrote:

This week, I fly to Pensacola, FL, to speak to about 2000 Christian school teachers from across America who are attending a teachers’ conference at Pensacola Christian Academy. I will speak just once on Tuesday evening and then fly back home on Wednesday. I will be speaking on how the millions-of-years idea developed 200 years ago and how the Church’s compromise with that idea ever since has undermined the authority of Scripture in the church and undermined the witness of the gospel in the world. Most, if not all, of these teachers come from schools that firmly hold the young-earth view. But past experience and conversations I suspect that many of those schools are not doing a very good job of equipping their kids to be able to defend their faith in the face of the challenge of evolution and millions of years. So please pray that I can motivate these teachers to become better informed themselves so they can teach their students more effectively and influence their schools to do a better job of teaching apologetics.

I also spent a lot of time today helping the museum team to review some of the 55 videos being prepared for the Creation Museum.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.

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