"Welcome Wagon"---AiG reaches out to international students

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About 40 newly arrived international students will be getting special help as they settle into life as students at Northern Kentucky University next month. This will happen through both AiG and the Baptist Student Union at NKU (located just a few miles east of our headquarters/museum).

A friend of the ministry who is also an advisory member of AiG’s multicultural outreach taskforce is very involved with the BSU’s international outreach. During a recent task force meeting, Liz W. mentioned that these students need snack foods, toiletries, and some basic school supplies when they arrive. They can’t bring very much with them when they come to our country, and they arrive before the official start of the school year so there is no food service available for them.

We let the AiG staff know about this need and they responded in a very generous fashion. Several dropped off some of the supplies on the lists that Liz provided while others made cash donations. We took the cash to a local warehouse store and purchased many of the items that the students will need.

We thank the Lord for a caring and generous staff here at AiG. They were quick to support these students even though they will likely never meet them. Along with the food and personal items, we have also donated AiG materials for each student (including our witnessing tools “Four Big Questions” and the “Seven C’s” booklet). It is safe to assume that many of these individuals are not Christians, and our prayer is that God will use this act of kindness and the AiG materials provided to speak to the hearts of the lost---and that they will make the 15-20 minute drive to visit the museum next spring.

We also thank our wonderful supporters. Because of their giving, we can share these materials with the students. It is exciting to think that an AiG booklet might make its way to a country far from here and be used by our Lord to change lives around the world.

I have attached a photograph of Liz Wernz, David Crandall (AiG’s Director of Worldwide Outreach) and me with some of the “goodies” AiG staff supplied for the students.



Today (Monday) at AiG, Dr. Georgia Purdom gave a "Brown Bag" lunch lecture on adoption. Georgia and her husband Chris adopted a child from China---Georgia talked about adoption and then related it to the creation/evolution issue---and of course the fact that as Christians, we are adopted into God’s Family! Georgia of course talked about the fact we are all one race biologically. She also shared quotes from atheist evolutionist Richard Dawkins. From an evolutionist perspective, it didn’t make sense to adopt a child as that wasn’t passing one’s genes onto the next generation. It was a fascinating (and intensely personal) lecture. We praise the Lord for bringing Georgia and Chris and their beautiful adopted daughter into our lives.

I have included a photograph of Georgia as she gave her lecture today and also a photograph of Georgia, Chris and their adopted daughter.


I spent a lot of time with the museum team today going over various video scripts—this is a time-consuming, but very important, process.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.

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