What are you doing this summer?

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Guest Blog by Rod Martin

Ken is floating somewhere down the Colorado River today on a trip lead Tom Vail, author of Grand Canyon: A Different View. I'll be going on the seven-day version of that trip next week to document it with video and a journal---watch for a series of articles in the near future.

So, what are you doing this summer? Many of us will take time off to travel around the country (and beyond) to get away, relax and spend quality time with people we love.

Answers in Genesis has just released a number of brochures to guide you as you go! The Wonders of Geology brochures are short guides to some of the "coolest" travel destinations in the US and around the world. They cover the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Mount St. Helens in Washington, cave formations (almost anywhere), the Dinosaur National Monument in Utah, the petrified forest in Yellowstone, Devils Tower in Wyoming, Niagara Falls (I prefer the Canadian side), Giant's Causway in Ireland, the White Cliffs of Dover in England and Ayers Rock in Australia.

Each brochure explains the geological formation from a biblical perspective. You can take a look at them here.


If you're heading (or thinking of heading) to the Toronto area this summer, you might want to consider spending the week of August 26th at Muskoka Baptist Conference. Just two hours north of Toronto (and three hours from Niagara Falls), MBC is situated on Mary Lake and offers a ton of "stuff" to do. Better yet, Dave Menton and Mike Riddle will be speaking there for the entire week.

Muskoka Baptist Conference has a number of ministries attached to it: The Conference Center (open all year), a one-year Bible college, Summit College and Camp Widjiitiwin. The unique thing about MBC is its stance on Scripture. It is one of the few conference centers and Bible colleges in Canada that takes a stance on a literal six-day creation.

We're thrilled that Dave Mention and Mike Riddle will be spending an entire week there. If you're in the area, or traveling there this summer you'll want to spend some time with them at MBC.

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