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Yesterday I flew to Las Vegas to meet up with the AiG group that will be doing a short three-day trip to the Grand Canyon, including two days rafting down the Colorado River. When I get back Sunday night, I hope to show you some photographs and share some of the things we’ve learned. This morning I give a talk to the group and then we fly in small planes across to the rim where we spend the night.

When I went through security at Cincinnati, the security agent looked at my boarding pass and said in a loud voice, "Good luck in Vegas!" I nearly stopped to go back to him and say, "You have the wrong presupposition, mate! You see, the reason you incorrectly interpreted my trip to Las Vegas is because you had the wrong starting point—you assumed everyone going to Las Vegas is going to gamble—wrong. Had you started with a different starting point you would have had a different interpretation of the evidence. I’m not going to Vegas to put my hope in chance; I’m going there to teach against chance!" Anyhow, I had fun thinking about teaching this person about presuppositional apologetics!

I had never been to Las Vegas before (only flown through the airport). I was astounded at the number of casinos and the massive rooms of all sorts of gambling machines—and all the people sitting behind them pushing buttons, or playing cards, or rolling dice—it's amazing the amount of money that gets wasted here every day!

AiG’s Carl Kerby (who is leading this tour) calls it "the land of the living dead." People behind all the machines look like machines themselves—many seem to be in a daze.

On a different note, while I was sitting at the Cincinnati airport a lady asked me, "Are you Ken Ham?" I found out this family was moving out to the Denver area. The lady’s husband was involved in Christian camp work. She told me she had five children and was going to start homeschooling and that she needed resources. I gave her lots of advice/ideas.

I also had a copy of our new Answers magazine with me, so I gave her a copy of that and also directed her to the people who produce The Old Schoolhouse magazine. She had many concerns about becoming a homeschool mom, so I hope I was able to help her. I did highly recommend she get the news Genesis of Legacy book and parenting curriculum with DVDs. The book will be available shortly and the curriculum book and DVDs are now available.


We hear so many testimonies like this, and we praise the Lord for the way He uses AiG to change lives across the world:

I'm just dropping a note expressing some gratitude and appreciation for the difference AiG and other creationist organizations have made in my life. Without it, I would probably have wasted away, both from the Christian faith I grew up with, and from life during my more depressed years. Learning early that evolution is a belief like any other, based on interpretations of select facts and obsevations saved my life. Spiritually and physically….

Evolution just doesn't make sense. As a computer can't build itself (and my room can't organize itself either) how could life, so much more complex, do so? A thing happened last year: I was on a bus heading home, and heard in my language (not the first language of my country) two girls debating evolution/creation. Evidently, there are those braver than myself, willing to share their views with their friends. It was very encouraging and inspiring for me. These days, whenever computer class is too trivial for me, I read through the last few AiG articles online, and it keeps reminding me that all things are interpreted.

With no alternative which justifies morals, I remain a creationist. It makes the Bible make sense, it makes life make sense, it makes the world make sense. So, without turning this into an article: Thank you all.

Be blessed and keep at it!


A sad news item from the UK reports on babies begin aborted for minor reasons. The report stated:

The ethical storm over abortions has been renewed as it emerged that terminations are being carried out for minor, treatable birth defects. Late terminations have been performed in recent years because the babies had club feet, official figures show. Other babies were destroyed because they had webbed fingers or extra digits. Such defects can often be corrected with a simple operation or physiotherapy. The revelation sparked fears that abortion is increasingly being used to satisfy couples' desire for the "perfect" baby. A leading doctor said people were right to be 'totally shocked' that abortions were being carried out for such conditions.

You can read the whole report at: Daily Mail---Babies aborted for not being perfect.


This is part of a testimony received this week:

To rely on an evolutionist argument to justify their faith, a Christian ends up being blown back and forth. To rely on the Bible means relying on the "sword of the Spirit" something that cuts back the lies and reveals the truth. Creationism is standing the test of time without having to continually change arguments, more than can be said of evolutionism.

As a Christian myself, I have tried desperately to make evolutionism fit the evidence but like the evolutionist I found myself continually changing my viewpoint. Now as someone who looks to the Bible for my answers, I adopted the creationist viewpoint. My doubts and uncertainties have stopped. I now know what I believe and do not have to doubt anymore. Perhaps it has something to do with the truth?

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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