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Guest Blog---Rod Martin

Did you know that AiG's website offers hundreds of free resources besides articles? While it's true that the "Get Answers" pages consistently rank number one or two every week for page views, the Creation Education section of our website has a wealth of material.

For instance:

  • You can download free study guides for some of our best books, including the just-released Genesis of a Legacy.
  • Currently, seven of our core books are available to read online for free.
  • There's a curriculum guide.
  • Complete downloadable PowerPoint presentations.
  • Almost 300 presentation slides.
  • Suggested topics and guides for students writing papers.
  • An excellent guide on "how to become a creation scientist."
  • And more ...

The Creation Education section of our website is a great resource.

Check it out!

As Ken would say, thanks for stopping by and keep praying!


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