Creation evangelism in Vietnam

by Ken Ham

It was so thrilling to receive this testimony from a missionary to Vietnam:

Creation evangelism is an excellent way to bring the gospel to the Vietnamese. They have such deep respect for their ancestors (some worship the ancestors) that the communist/evolutionary teaching of “your kin were monkeys” is quietly offensive. They love to hear the alternative of creation by design.

Recently, while in Cincinnati, we visited the Answers in Genesis museum site and met David Crandall, AiG’s Director of Worldwide Outreach. He graciously loaded us with materials from the bookstore and this promise: any of the books that we can translate into Vietnamese, he’ll print and we’ll find a way to get them into Vietnam. This is a wonderful opportunity and we look forward to working with them.


The New England Journal of Medicine had an article on the creation/evolution issue. In the first paragraph of the article we read:

Requiring public-school science teachers to teach specific religion-based alternatives to Darwin’s theory of evolution is just as bad, in the words of political comedian Bill Maher, as requiring obstetricians to teach medical students the alternative theory that storks deliver babies.

The author’s logic is absurd! Anyhow, you can read the rest of the article at: New England Journal of Medicine.


I leave tomorrow for Las Vegas for the start of a three-day trip to the Grand Canyon, where I’ll be rafting down the river with a group of AiG supporters. I will be out of communication for a couple of days, so staff will provide guest blogs for Saturday and Sunday. I look forward to showing you some photographs when I get back and telling you some of the exciting things we saw in the Grand Canyon that confirm the account of the flood.

After the Canyon trip, my wife and two of our daughters will meet me in Los Angeles—my brother David, his wife Thelly, and their youngest son Shane are coming to visit us. We are taking some vacation time and will do the touristy things in LA; then on to Jackson, Wyoming, to stay with our friends, Don and Bev Landis (Don is chairman of the board of directors of AiG–USA). We will also visit Yellowstone National Park. We are taking some of the new flyers AiG produced to explain Yellowstone (and other places) from a creationist perspective.


(Well, I thought it was hilarious . . . .)

AiG’s Carl Kerby flew out yesterday to prepare for the Grand Canyon trip. He called me rather upset. When he and his wife got off the plane in Salt Lake City to go to a connecting flight, they thought they would purchase a couple of things from the store at the airport. The night before, Carl had obtained cash from an ATM from a Cincinnati bank. After he handed over a $50 bill to pay for the goods, the store clerk called the airport police as it was a counterfeit note! When the police came to question Carl, they asked him where he was flying to. “Las Vegas!” he replied. Oh yeah! Flying to Las Vegas and trying to pass a counterfeit note—it was a wonder he wasn’t arrested on the spot! However, they let them both go and just barely caught their connecting flight, and yes, the bank is going to replace the $50 note.

Well, thanks for stopping by and keep praying!


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