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AiG speaker Dr. Terry Mortenson gave an exciting report on his recent speaking trip to Russia. I’ve attached a couple of photographs of Terry giving his report. You can listen to Terry’s entire report at this audio link.

Please pray for all those Terry reached, and those who will be reached by the videos recorded.


The Creation Museum bookstore is nearing completion. The bookstore is themed as a medieval castle with dragons/dinosaurs. Buddy Davis took the dragon he had sculptured years ago and totally re-did it for placing on display on top of some of the bookcases in the bookstore. The dragon was transported from Buddy’s studio (about three hours away) to the museum yesterday. Buddy and Kay Davis arrived at the museum today ready for the Behind-the-Scenes day on Friday. I’ve attached a photo of Buddy and I standing with the "new" dragon this afternoon (Thursday).


Friday is another of AiG’s "Behind-the-Scenes" days. This is a time when charter members can come to the museum and view the latest construction, etc. Around 1,000 are booked for this Behind-the-Scenes—the biggest such one yet! Various AiG staff (including myself) will be speaking; Buddy and I will have our photographs taken with every family (I may end up with a permanent smile!). We praise the Lord for the number of charter members who have signed up for this special membership program.

The office/museum was a hive of activity today. There were lots of volunteers helping the museum fabrication team and various people working on getting things ready for tomorrow—the place was hopping with activity and excitement!

Thanks for stopping by, and please keep praying.


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