Graduation day at Liberty University

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Mally and I and two of our daughters had the privilege of attending Liberty University's graduation ceremony today. Our son Jeremy graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems (MIS)---so, of course, this was a special day in the Ham household.

I have attached a photograph of the Vine Center at Liberty packed with faculty, students and family. I used my telephoto lens and found Jeremy---talking on his cell phone to one of our daughters as he was trying to locate where we were in the massive auditorium! In fact, I noticed an interesting phenomenon: numerous students were on their cell phones trying to locate their parents in the massive facility! Mally was worried that Jeremy has the same "cell phone virus" that I do!

I have also attached a photograph of Jeremy holding his diploma.

After the commencement program (Dr. Jerry Falwell introduced Senator John McCain as the commencement speaker), I had the opportunity to spend a few minutes with a good friend, Dr. David DeWitt. He is a biology professor at Liberty and is in charge of the creation apologetics course that each student at Liberty has to take. Dr. DeWitt has lectured for AiG at conferences, and will also help us with advice for certain aspects of the Creation Museum. As I understand it, Liberty is one of the fastest-growing universities in America. They will have 10,700 students on campus next semester, and 25,000 students total. We praise the Lord that such an influential university ensures each student has to take the apologetics course on creation--the university takes a stand on a literal Genesis like AiG.

Well, we arrived home late Saturday night---16 hours of driving in two days.

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