Walking where Darwin walked

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The attached three photographs record our visit on Thursday to "Down House," the house where Darwin and his family resided after they moved from London. This is the house where Darwin wrote On the Origin of Species. We were not allowed to take photographs inside the house, but we saw the actual chair Darwin sat in as he wrote his books. As well as many original pieces of furniture and photographs, the second floor consisted of exhibits meant to teach evolution as fact. Of course, we didn't see any evidence as such for Darwinian evolution, just lots of statements that not only presented molecules-to-man evolution as fact, but that also very overtly stated that the creation account in Genesis was wrong. I took notes and wrote down some of the quotes and will use them in a future article, either for the web or for our new Answers magazine.

I must say, it brought so much sadness to our hearts as we stood and looked at the house, out of which came a belief that has permeated the globe; one that attacks the authority of the Word of God, that has influenced millions and millions of people, that has destroyed people's lives, and that has devastated the church as clergy compromised with this anti-God belief. We just stood there and prayed that God would use Answers in Genesis to counteract this false teaching that has permeated the culture.

Mally and I fly home today.

Thanks for your prayers, and thanks for stopping by.


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