AiG's Video Conference ministry takes off!

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Guest blog: Tom Miller, Director of Outreach

God continues to bless Answers in Genesis in many different ways. While Ken is in the U.K. he has invited several of us to share with you via these guest blogs, and I am excited to be able to give you a glimpse of God’s hand at work in the outreach department.

For many months now, the team has been working on a method to respond to the many requests for teaching meetings from smaller churches and organizations. As the ministry grows, we have found ourselves struggling to meet an increased demand for the AiG message. God has supplied the answer (He always does!) to our prayers in the form of the Video Conference Ministry. It has been a joy to watch this new form of outreach develop, and we are very excited about the possibilities that it presents.

This past Saturday, I had the honor to meet and fellowship with over 30 volunteers and several of their family members who share a love of God and have a heart to support AiG’s mission. These individuals traveled at their own expense (from as far away as Florida, Missouri, Oklahoma, Alaska, Michigan, Georgia, California, Minnesota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Maryland) to attend our inaugural training session for the Video Conference Ministry. The day began early with arrivals at 8 AM. After a time of prayer, the participants were treated to an uplifting talk by Vice President of Ministry Relations and AiG speaker Carl Kerby. Carl shared his heart for evangelism, and his burden to spread the truth and authority of God’s Word with the group. This special time really set the tone for the day. The group then experienced a great behind-the-scenes guided museum tour. I have included some photos of this blessed and exciting day for you to review.

The classroom training began in earnest and was led by John Eytchison from the events team as well as Bob and Jan Thompson. Bob and Jan have been part of the video conference ministry from its inception. What a blessing to it has been to witness these three disciples pour their hearts into this ministry.

God has blessed the efforts of these servants. We have so many individuals who wish to be certified as video presenters that we have had to schedule three more certification sessions! The next session will be held on Saturday, May 13th, here at AiG. After that, we are going to certify yet another group during Creation College 2 this June/July. Finally, we are setting a tentative third date in September. The 30 individuals who are volunteering for this ministry have gone through a rigorous screening and interview process (similar to our employment screening process). They have agreed to share in AiG’s mission of proclaiming the authority and accuracy of God’s Word within a 150-mile radius of their homes. They will accomplish this by scheduling and delivering high-quality video conferences to smaller churches and organizations that may not otherwise be able to secure one of our speakers. The training session was completed by early evening, and we enjoyed our “graduation” exercise in the Special Effects Theater. After another time of prayer and thanksgiving, we dismissed.

I would ask that our supporters please pray for these individuals as they head out to the mission field. They have volunteered their time and resources because their hearts are burdened with the desire to spread the message and to get teaching resources into the hands of people everywhere. We thank God for each of them and we would invite others to prayerfully consider becoming involved with AiG in this capacity. You can learn more about this opportunity at Video Conference Coordinator page.

To schedule a video conference for your church or group, visit the Events section of the website.

Thanks for your continued support and especially for your prayers!

Tom Miller Director of Outreach

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