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Mally and I arrived home from England on Friday afternoon. I had two important items to be accomplished:

1. Call into AiG and see the progress on the museum. It was thrilling to see what has been accomplished in ten days. I have attached three photos showing work on the Creation Walk, Graffiti Alley and the Culture in Crisis room. It was also amazing to see what has been done in the bookstore that will open in three weeks!

2. Look at my lawn to see if our son-in-law mowed it for our return! Not only had he done that, but he trimmed trees, trimmed around gardens, etc. I just need to find two more sons-in-law like this for our other two daughters now!


Many years ago, some people wondered why AiG employed a full-time cartoonist, Dan Lietha. Not only has Dan produced hundreds and hundreds of PowerPoint illustrations that AiG--U.S. (and other speakers around the world) use in their talks, but Dan also produces a cartoon for each newsletter, cartoons for our website and so on. Dan just quietly goes about his work in his office, but his cartoons are being used to minister to people around the world. Some time ago, AiG produced a book of some of the best of Dan’s work. Over the years, we’ve had a lot of positive feedback from Dan’s work. We received the following email this week:

I would like you to know how much I appreciate your work. My kids love seeing the latest "After Eden" and one of them usually chooses Welcome to After Eden for his reading time. We home school and it has taken a while but I am finally to the point where it's fine with me that he reads that over and over and over. At first I encouraged him to read things with ... well ... less pictures, I guess, but then I realized this is not like reading Garfield or Far Side, though those have their place on our list of things we like to read. I really appreciate the profound truth he's picking up on from After Eden.

By the way, if you haven’t followed Dan’s cartoon series on the web—"After Eden"—why not begin doing that today: After Eden.

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