Praise the Lord for volunteers!

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How we praise the Lord for volunteers. Thousands of people have volunteered their time/expertise at AiG and have saved the ministry hundreds of thousands of dollars. We can’t put photographs of everyone up, but this past week, our staff photographer took photographs of a number of volunteers who were working within various departments at AiG. Thanks to all the volunteers! And if you’ve never volunteered, why not think about doing just that—there are usually plenty of different tasks, from unskilled to skilled (carpentary/painting/lawn mowing, etc). Contact the volunteer coordinator either by emailing through the web or calling the office.


A sophomore wrote today:

I really appreciate what you guys at Answers in Genesis are doing. I'm a sophomore in college and it seems that every teacher in this school hates God. I have caught many teachers lying to their students to try and convince them that evolution is true and the articles you post help me challenge their lies. My biology teacher opened a discussion to prove that God was a myth and that science is logic. Most of the students didn't have an understanding of both sides (generally because evolution is taught from 4th grade) so I felt that it was a good opportunity to share the other side with them.

My arguments were all based on science lessons she had just covered and using some of the knowledge gained from reading your articles I was able to get more than half of the class wondering why the teacher was contradicting herself every time she spoke. I praise God for this opportunity because I never even mentioned God or religion in the discussion and then the teacher said "you can't use the bible to argue science" and I said I haven't mentioned God or the Bible at all and she said that I wasn't educated enough and that she was going to dismiss all my arguments because she had a Ph.D and I didn't. It was a great time and I had the right ideas in my head, but it was God and your articles that helped me defend the sound teachings of His Word.


The resources certainly get around:

Dear Ken Ham, thanks very much for such a lovely book "The Lie, Evolution", it made me think a lot. I don’t know if you will receive this , anyway I am from Colombia and I love your books. I am praying for your ministry. I hope the Lord bless you more and more...

This week, Pastor Jim Rankin, from Ohio (he also publishes Crosspoint magazine, which is distributed in southwest Ohio), presented AiG with the special "Freedom Award"—for organizations who proclaim biblical truths in society with boldness (see photograph). I was pleased to receive this award on behalf of AiG this past Wednesday evening.

Well, I did it! I mowed the lawn today for the first time this year! Riding my tractor around the yard is better than going to an amusement park! I also took our youngest daughter on an eight-mile bike ride---why could she stay in high gear the whole way, up and down hills, while I used every gear on my bike and felt like I’d been run over by a bus at the end?

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