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Today (Friday), a number of Christians who own/run businesses attended a special luncheon at the Creation Museum. I had the opportunity to share a message on the relevance of Genesis, and then they toured the museum. The response was overwhelmingly positive. We praise the Lord for all the opportunities AiG receives. I have attached a number of photographs of the luncheon.


This was the headline of a front-page news item in the Los Angeles Times today. The article started this way:

"Sometimes disruptive but often sophisticated questioning of evolution by students has educators increasingly on the defensive." This is a fascinating article that shows clearly that the biblical creation movement is having a grassroots effect on the culture. Read the entire article at: The LA Times (requires registration).


I am off to New Hampshire Saturday morning (early!) for a series of meetings Sunday and Monday.

I then travel to Word of Life, Schroon Lake, New York to speak (with Dr. Jason Lisle) to the Word of Life Bible College students over a period of four days. Please pray for these meetings.

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