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Friday saw the commencement of our AiG conference in the relatively small community of Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Including our school assemblies (around 1,000) and the evening program (1,000), around 2,000 individuals were reached today with messages brought by myself, Dr. Jason Lisle and Buddy Davis.

Some highlights:

  1. One young man told me he was a public school teacher, and up until a few years ago he was a theistic evolutionist. Then one of his students gave him my book The Lie. He said he got a quarter of the way through it and gave up believing in evolution. He said he now uses his position in the public school to reach the students with the creation message, and he is starting a local creation ministry. One never knows the effect of just one book on a person’s life, and then the effect of that on other lives this person effects. Praise the Lord.
  2. Two young men told me they attend a local Bible college that uses AiG videos as part of their coursework. They were thrilled to be at the seminar.
  3. One lady introduced me to her two teenage daughters and said they have been brought up totally on AiG materials—the girls said that this foundation enabled them to stand firmly on the authority of God’s Word.
  4. A lady told me she was a professor at a secular college and that she is quite open about teaching creation to her students—she thanked me for our resources.

After the program tonight, Jason conducted an astronomy program outside—he brought one of AiG’s telescopes with him.


Last week I was given a demonstration of AiG’s CNC router. This machine is used to carve wood, etc. It also is going to be used to scan miniature animal sculptures and cut out life-size ones from foam so they can then be further sculpted and painted for the Creation Museum. I’ve attached a photograph of the CNC router at work and also one of Tim Lovett and me. Tim was recently brought over from Australia to work on the Creation Museum. He is an expert on Noah’s Ark (it’s possible construction, etc.) and knows how to run a CNC router. Tim and his wife and family have come over for a year or more as part of the Creation Museum project.


We found out this week that around 500 Christian radio stations aired AiG’s special 30-minute program dealing with the recent "Evolution Sunday." We praise the Lord for Christian radio in the USA that enables us to reach millions of people.

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