Work on the AiG bookstore continues

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The AiG bookstore at the Creation Museum is really coming along (I’ve attached a couple of photographs). When it is completed, we believe it will be one of the most unique bookstores anywhere. It looks like it should be finished by April.


A good crowd turned up for the second day of the AiG conference in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. I had a number of young men and women today tell me they want to be involved in creation ministry when they graduate from college. It is exciting to meet so many from the next generation who will stand firm on the authority of the Word of God because of the influence of AiG. It’s humbling to see how the Lord is using this ministry in people’s lives.

At a restaurant tonight, someone recognized us and came and told us about how the book The Lie changed his life.

On Sunday, I will speak twice at the host church—then Buddy will speak and sing at the evening service.

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