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Pastor Don Landis, chairman of AiG--USA’s Board of Directors, is bringing three special devotions during his time at AiG headquarters this week. I have attached a photograph of Don as he spoke to the staff today (Thursday).

I have also attached a photograph of the AiG board of directors and some of our leadership team as we assembled for the second day of the February board meeting.


I just wanted to thank you very much for coming to speak at Faith Church.

We live on the other side of town in Surprise, but I felt it was worth the drive to come and hear your message. You see, I used to think I was a Christian. I went to church all through high school and I was particularly interested in science. I remember asking my pastor specific questions about the Bible, evolution, Cain's wife, etc. Unfortunately, I was never given any answers that let me believe the Bible was more accurate than "true science" as I knew it. I soon grew away from the church, and never really believed the Bible was the true inspired Word of God.

Many years later, somehow, God got through to me and I became a Christian, but I still believed in evolution - so much so that when I was first given books to read about Creationism, I got so angry at the authors who "didn't know what they were talking about" that I couldn't even get past the first chapters. A co-worker led me to your website and slowly, over a couple of years, God opened my mind to the possibility that what I'd been taught in school wasn't necessarily the complete story.

I now have complete faith in the Word of God and am teaching my children using many of the tools I've found on your website. Thank you and all the scientists who aren't afraid to stand up for the truth and eventually get through thick-headed scientists like myself. I also wanted to say that my husband enjoyed your presentation, too, and you made him think about things he hadn't really considered before. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Thank you for your encouragement!

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