AiG and "Evolution Sunday"

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This coming Sunday, nearly 400 churches will be celebrating "Evolution Sunday." If you haven't read about this, then I encourage you to read our web article: "In praise of Darwin this Sunday …"

To help Christians and churches that stand on the authority of the Word of God deal with this sad situation, AiG produced a special 90-second radio program and a 30-minute special that deal with this issue. We offered both programs to Christian radio stations across the nation. Listen to the 30-minute broadcast here.

It was thrilling to receive this email today from Mark Siffer at radio station WPOS FM:

Just wanted to let you know we are airing the special 90sec Answers program twice daily today, tomorrow and Friday. Also the 30min show will air at 6:00 pm Saturday. We also opened the morning show with the 90sec spot and devoted the whole morning show today to the "Darwin Sunday" topic. I had already scheduled Carl Kerby for an interview at 8AM so it worked out real well. We went to the "letter" website and searched for actual names of pastors in Ohio and Michigan and gave a few names and churches on the air, and asked the listeners to pray for these churches who are so tragically misled. We also shared with our audience the importance of supporting the Creation Museum, an exciting way to have people EXPERIENCE the gospel message!

Just a thought.... is Carl Kerby availiable for a two talk Saturday evening event? We have August 26 and September 9th open!

Sharing God's ANSWERS!

Mark Siffer WPOS FM


AiG sculptors have started on the giraffe that will be exhibited in the Creation Walk area of the museum—see the attached photograph. This giraffe will soon "evolve"—I’ll show you the finished product in a few weeks.

Today was the start of a 2-day board meeting. Our board chairman brought a 30-minute devotion to the staff this morning, and will do so for Thursday and Friday mornings as well. I will put these on my blog for you to listen to once he’s given them.

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