When in Phoenix--golf!

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Well, today I had my first real golfing experience. No, I didn’’t play. But one of our pro golfer friends obtained passes for us to attend the FBR OPEN Professional Golf Tournament in Phoenix! I didn’’t realize so many people were addicted to golf! I believe this is the most well-attended golf tournament in America.


On the flight over to Phoenix this morning, I managed to get 15 of our Answers radio programs scripted. I averaged about one every 12 minutes. I have to make them around 200 words long and I'm hoping I can get another set completed on the way home. If you’ve never heard our 90-second daily radio program, you can hear it on this blog by clicking on any "podcast" from the main page.


The cave entrance to the new Creation Museum bookstore is under construction. An animatronic pterodactyl will be installed very soon above this entrance. This is going to be phenomenal when it’s finished.

I am spending the day with some of our staff and others tomorrow (Saturday) as they have a golfing day! Then we finish the recreational activities and get ready for our Creation Museum fund-raiser in Phoenix—we are expecting close to 200 people to attend—please pray for a great response.

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