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I've attached a photograph taken this week of our Director of Outreach (Tom Miller) and our Director of Internet Outreach (Rod Martin). I tried to think of some biblical application in regard to this photo: David and Goliath come to mind, or "there were giants on the earth in those days." Well, anyway … .


Two special friends of AiG, Doug and Kathy Henderson, are at AiG for a couple of days painting another of Buddy’s dinosaurs, and also painting the pterodactyl (see attached photograph) that will soon be placed over the entrance to the bookstore. The pterodactyl will also move its head from side to side and open its mouth.

After I did a radio interview today to promote a seminar I will be speaking at in New Hampshire, I spoke to a group of businessmen and pastors at a special luncheon in our conference room. Then, after a number of meetings with various departments, I came home and cooked some steak in our BBQ smoker as we had Doug and Kathy (see above) over for dinner—we had a great time of fellowship with this dear couple. And the steak was cooked to perfection—of course!

On Saturday morning, Mally and I will be traveling up to Ohio to spend the day with Buddy and Kay Davis (and catch up on the latest dinosaur sculptures Buddy is doing)—and then on to Zanesville, Ohio, for an AiG conference. Dr. Jason Lisle, Buddy Davis and I are all involved in this outreach.

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