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Our special guest speaker today was Dr. David Faust, President of Cincinnati Christian University. David gave a great message to the staff based on Psalm 8—a very encouraging reminder of how God thinks about each of us. You can also hear this message by clicking here.

We at AiG are privileged to have so many gifted Christian leaders lead us in devotions each Thursday.


A TV crew that works closely with the BBC spent most of today at AiG. I spent nearly five hours with them, walking through the museum construction and then being interviewed. All we can do is pray that whatever their final product, the Lord will use it to touch people’s hearts. I have attached a photograph of the crew as Mark Looy gave them a tour of the AiG offices.


Imagine embroidering the Creation Museum logo on 4,000 shirts! A homeschool family that owns a business that supplies shirts with embroidered logos took AiG on as a special mission outreach of their company. Three years ago, David, Karen, Lance and Travis Knight, from Cary, North Carolina, (see attached photograph) offered to supply AiG shirts at cost and embroider our logos on them as a gift. We took them up on their offer! They have now supplied AiG with over 4,000 shirts. If you received a Creation Museum shirt as part of your museum membership, you have benefited from the work of the Knight family. I found out they also do hats, jackets, aprons, umbrellas and tote bags through their company called "Threadheadz."

The Knights made their first visit to AiG today, to see the facility and volunteer to do whatever jobs we had for them. They spent most of today (and will do so again tomorrow) moving and sorting our massive fossil display.

Today was a very busy day for the whole ministry. Our MR department hosted a businessman’s breakfast in our conference room; the BBC interviewed various people; a number of special guests toured the facility; we had a special devotion speaker; a very talented couple from Pennsylvania came to paint some of the dinosaurs; others were painting in the lobby or working in the woodshop; there were various meetings; the place was buzzing—but then again, it does every day!

Tomorrow (Friday) I have a radio interview first thing, then we are hosting some business leaders and other guests for lunch and a tour through the facility. I will be speaking to them about the museum vision, etc.


I received two emails today from our sister ministry in the UK that I wanted to share with you for your encouragement—and as a reminder to pray for the UK ministry, lead by Dr. Monty White:

This was a comment that was written on a book order they received (the comment concerns the book Walking Through Shadows).

This is, I think, the most helpful and uplifting books on suffering I have read and these further 2 copies will be out on loan as soon as I receive them. Many thanks.
I had asked Monty White to call a particular publisher in the UK about a book I was enquiring about. On finding out it was Monty White from Answers in Genesis, the person Monty spoke to told him the following:
… As a result of his teenage son attending one of your meetings, his son became a Christian. The son was brought up in a Christian home (obviously) but in his mid teens rejected Christianity. After attending one of your meetings he said "What Ken Ham says makes sense." He then became a Christian.
It was a rewarding day.

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