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While we were in Australia recently visiting our relatives, I took a series of photos of my late dad's personal Bible. Some of these photographs will be used in our new family book (The Genesis of a Legacy) and the accompanying video series. As I was doing my final edit on the entire book today, I thought it would be good to show you these photographs and explain them:

  1. Dad's Bible is open at Genesis---copious notes like the ones you see occur throughout the entire Bible. Our dad was a man of the Word---and, of course, he believed in a literal Genesis.
  2. This is a quote my father wrote in the front of his Bible---it sums up his whole approach to Scripture, which he taught his family:
    When the plain sense of Scripture makes common sense, seek no other sense; therefore take every word at its primary, ordinary, usual, literal meaning unless the facts of the immediate text, studied in the light of related passages and axiomatic and fundamental truths clearly indicate otherwise.                                                                              -- Dr. David L. Cooper

    I want to chase down the original reference and find out more about this Dr. Cooper.

  3. In looking through Dad's Bible, we found various pieces of literature---some relating to the creation ministry that started in our home in Australia. The newspaper clipping is a report on one of the tours Gary Parker and I conducted across Australia---note the younger-looking Ken Ham---and the younger-looking Gary Parker! Dad was very proud (in the right sort of way) of the ministry that was then called the Creation Science Foundation.
  4. My younger brother David was given Dad's Bible after he died. This is a photograph of David holding this "treasure."

The book and video series should be out around May this year.


A New York City–based production company that works with the UK's BBC-TV will be coming Thursday to interview me and tour the museum. The BBC is doing yet another story on creationism / intelligent design vs. Darwinism. They claim they want to show all sides to the story. Interestingly, while they are here, BBC-TV is airing (Thursday night) a program called "A War on Science" to be broadcast throughout Great Britain.

Here is what the BBC website says about this program (which is a part of the Horizon series of broadcasts):

Thu. 26 Jan, 9:00 pm -- 9:50 pm

A War on Science

Horizon tells the story of how one of science's greatest theories is facing one of its greatest threats. The theory of evolution is under attack from a controversial new idea called intelligent design, an idea that claims to give an alternative explanation for the origin of life on earth. This new movement claims to be scientific but to many it threatens to replace science with God. Now some of its most high profile critics - Sir David Attenborough and Richard Dawkins amongst them - are speaking out in an attempt to halt the movement's rise and keep religion out of science.

Horizon examines the scientific claims for intelligent design and explores a battle that could shape the future of scientific understanding for years to come.

(For more on this show, see: "A War on Science")

So you can see from this we really need you to pray for the BBC crew here on Thursday—pray that I will be able to communicate in the best way possible for the program, and that we will be a witness to the visiting TV crew.

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