Being Prepared

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At AiG, we want to ensure we are prepared in every way possible regarding safety and health issues—particularly as we get ready for the many thousands of visitors next year when the Creation Museum opens to the public.

Today, our head of security demonstrated how the defibrillators work (see photograph) AiG just purchased three of them to go in strategic places in the offices and museum. Of course, we hope we never have to use them, but it has been shown that such equipment has saved many lives. I praise the Lord for the professional and caring staff at AiG who strive to make our facility the safest possible.

Youth Pastors

Around 40 youth pastors/workers attended a special program and luncheon at AiG today. Tom Miller, Director of Outreach, invited the pastors so we could explain more details of the special outreach to high school and college students the Demolishing Strongholds conference. This is a unique opportunity for high school and college students to learn how to be able to defend the Christian faith and survive their time in school. I’ve attached a photograph of the pastors having a scrumptious lunch! Carl Kerby, Rod Martin, and I each gave presentations to these Christian leaders. AiG is offering special group discounts if youth groups/college groups from churches want to attend this powerful apologetics course designed just for them.

Not an Embarrassment

Over the years, certain members of the opposition to the Creation Museum have made statements that appeared in the secular press and claimed the Creation Museum would be an embarrassment to Kentucky/Ohio residents. Not only have we seen leaders in various local communities compliment AiG for the first-class facility that is being built, but many have recognized the phenomenal positive financial impact this ministry will have on the community. We received an email today that also addresses these issues:

As I recall, a comment often heard when evolutionists fought the proposed creation museum was that the Cincinnati area would become the laughing stock of the whole country. Quite the opposite! As your updates show, Christians from all over the world are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to come to the Kentucky/Ohio area to view this exciting new concept which with its planetarium, nature trails, book store, theater, etc. is far more than a museum. It is truly a learning center for spiritual truth as well as for the advancement of scientific knowledge. The blessings, beginning in the Cincinnati area, and extending outward to the world are impossible to fully comprehend. But, I am happy to see that you are not ignoring the relatively minor blessings which will also result from the creation museum such as its favorable economic impact on the local area. I agree wholeheartedly with your invitation to local businessmen and other economic leaders to visit the museum and see for themselves how the new museum is going to have a very positive financial as well as spiritual impact on their community. What businessman wouldn't want tens of thousands of well-behaved, Christian men, women, and children tourists visiting his city each year? I doubt very strongly that the locals will be embarrassed by the museum or that they will become the laughing-stock of the entire country. The spiritual, scientific, and yes, financial blessings will drown out even the most vociferous and hysterical catcalls hurled at them by the evolutionary establishment. I know that I will not be embarrassed to visit the Cincinnati area when the new museum opens up next year!

I was interviewed by SRN radio news for a museum update today and for comments about a Christian leader who states that one can add millions of years, evolution, and so on, to the Bible. I also had our librarian purchase a copy of George Barna’s new book, Revolution. I’ve read some reviews on this book, which deals with radical things happening in the church that Barna claims will forever change the church in the USA. After I read it, I’ll give you a brief report. The BBC (TV) is coming again this week pray that we can be a witness to them I’ll fill you in on the details tomorrow.

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