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AiG’s organized outreach in New Jersey ended this morning (Sunday). We estimate that somewhere between 7,000--8,000 children, teens and adults were ministered to directly by one or more of the three speakers (Dr. David Menton, Buddy Davis and I).

At the end of the service this morning I was shown a beautiful framed print (very large---probably about 4 x 5 ft) of the entire book of Genesis donated to the Creation Museum by a missionary to the Far East.

Just after I arrived back in Cincinnati, Carl Kerby called me from Wichita—he had a connecting flight through Atlanta, but because of bad weather, his flight was delayed for three hours—he may not even get home tonight (Sunday). Carl reminded me that AiG had speakers in six different churches in three different states this morning!


Mally collected me at the airport this evening and we went straight to our church for the commissioning service for a young lady who is going to Asia as a missionary. Our family is also supporting her in this special missionary work to reach people with the gospel. She has also been a very enthusiastic supporter of AiG. She has volunteered at the office at times—and she has had a real burden to see AiG involved in helping to train missionaries associated with ABWE, her sponsoring organization. As a result of her influence, AiG is now going to be working closely with ABWE to ensure their missionaries are equipped with a knowledge of creation apologetics. The Lord moves in ways we could never imagine.

As we were leaving church tonight, a young man came up to me and said, "I just wanted to thank you. The last time you spoke here at church [it was a few months ago—I spoke on the death and suffering issue], your talk softened my heart, and two weeks later I committed my life to the Lord. Now I come to church regularly—thank you."

It "hit" me again that one rarely knows the phenomenal impact the messages we give and the books, DVDs, etc., we distribute have on people’s lives. How I praise God for this sort of encouragement.


As we were sitting in church tonight, my wife turned to me and said, "Today is January 22nd. Today is our 19-year anniversary of when we arrived in the USA to begin our mission to this country." As I tell people, we came here to be missionaries to a "pagan culture." A lot has happened in 19 years. And Mally and I can both testify to the fact that the Lord’s call for our life to this ministry at Answers in Genesis is stronger than ever. The Lord began giving us such an intense burden for this ministry over 30 years ago—and although we’ve had all sorts of attacks/opposition over the years, that burden has never waned. It’s the Lord’s ministry—and sometimes we almost have to "pinch" ourselves as we realize how the Lord has enabled us to have such a strategic role with this vital ministry. Praise the Lord with us on this, our 19th anniversary of being in the USA. Just as this young woman was commissioned tonight, we were commissioned by our church in Australia to be missionaries in the work of creation evangelism in the United States. We are still listed as official missionaries from that church (Sunnybank Baptist Church, Brisbane)—they pray for us regularly.


I was able to do my final editing on the last part of the family book The Genesis of a Legacy on the plane coming home tonight. We will now have our editor do a final edit and it will basically be ready for print. I believe this is going to be one of the most powerful books we’ve every produced.

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