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Dr. Georgia Purdom joins the AiG speaker/writer/research team on June 1. Georgia is already gearing up for this change in her life (she is currently a professor at a Christian university). As part of Georgia’s responsibilities, we have asked her to work with other creation scientists on a project sponsored by ICR researching genetics. We are thrilled to be able to cooperate with ICR on this vital project.

Georgia summarized her role and the aims of the project this way:

I am very excited to have been selected to perform research for the GENE project sponsored by the Institute for Creation Research (ICR). Four teams have been assembled to work on various projects in the field of genetics. I have been asked to participate on the Bioinformatics team. This team will be analyzing different aspects of the human genome (our DNA) with special emphasis give to the comparison of human and chimpanzee genomes.

Recent research has stated a 98–99% similarity between the two genomes. As pointed out in several articles in TJ, these figures apply only to certain parts of the genome and do not reflect all the differences between the two genomes. As stated by Dan Criswell, GENE project leader, ICR’s purpose in studying genomics is "to provide scientific evidence supporting the Biblical position that man was created distinctly different from the animals, and that each 'kind' of animal was created distinctly different from other 'kinds'". I am looking forward to using my expertise in the area of genetics to show once again that the evidence supports a recent, supernatural creation.

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The first in the series of the Ankerburg TV debate between myself and Dr. Jason Lisle and Dr. Hugh Ross and Dr. Walter Kaiser was shown on television this past weekend. You can view this first program at John Ankerburg’s web site: The Great Debate on Science and the Bible.

We have received a number of emails in response to this first program—such as this one:

Dear Ken, I just saw part one of the "Great Debate" on Ankerberg's web site. Kaiser appeared to assert that the Bible uses Yom as 24 hours for days 4, 5, and maybe 6. If this is true, and day 1, 2, 3, as well as 6 use the same formula of evening and morning, how can Kaiser assert that the meaning for these days is not 24 hours? I could understand your amazement over what Kaiser was saying, am I wrong in asserting that Kaiser is not being consistent in his hermenuetics in this case?

Actually, Dr. Kaiser explained to us that he believes God made days on day four---but believes day four was not an ordinary day. I must admit, I hadn’t heard this view before—but I trust the challenges Jason and I made concerning the importance of taking Genesis as written concerning six literal days will be considered seriously by those who watch the programs.

Another response stated:

I saw the debate last night! Man, I love you guys and thank the Lord for your ministry. Ken and Jason did a great job. Dr. Kaiser is our brother and we love him and his scholarly work, but he needs to be firmly and publicly challenged about Genesis 1 issues to draw out the compromise with the false millions of years paradigm.

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