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Special guest David Gibbs Jr. from the Christian Law Association (CLA) spoke to the AiG staff for Tuesday morning devotion this week. AiG has a great relationship with CLA, and has relied on their legal expertise many times over the years. Mr. Gibbs, the founder of CLA, had our staff "rolling in the aisles" with laughter as he relayed a very funny story from his past. So many staff told me they had not laughed so hard in a long time. Then, he was able to use the example to talk about biblical authority—a message all present will certainly remember. Mr. Gibbs used Mike Zovath as a prop at one point! It was a special morning. You will be able to hear the talk early Thursday morning---so please come back.

CLA is a nonprofit Christian organization that helps Christians involved in various legal matters. They have been a great blessing to the church and Christian community in America. CLA states on the website:

The Christian Law Association is a "ministry of legal helps." Its purpose is to provide legal assistance to Bible-believing churches and Christians who are experiencing legal difficulty in practicing their religious faith because of governmental regulation, intrusion, or prohibition of one form or another.
To find out more about CLA, go to their website:


So far this year, we’ve had a very mild winter in northern Kentucky. This morning we woke up to 2–3 inches of snow on the ground. I’ve attached a photograph taken this morning (Wednesday) at the southwest side of the Creation Museum. OUTSTANDING FEEDBACK

It is so encouraging to get feedback like this one today:

I just wanted to tell anyone that might see this, that I absolutely love this website. The articles, all the materials, everything is just great. I get excited about coming to work now just so I can peruse the site during down time.

I have learned more in reading one article on this site, than I did in my entire time in science classes in public education. There truly is overwhelming evidence for the case for Christ and creation. The idea of understanding Genesis to better understand who Christ was and what He accomplished has opened new doors for deep revelation. I wanted to thank you for keeping up with the site and just for providing such a plethora of information. I hope to subscribe to the magazine soon, and possibly make a contribution to AiG, since I am being fed so much!! Thanks and God bless.


Thursday I leave for our AiG conference in New Jersey. This is going to be a major conference—interest is extremely high. Dr. David Menton, Buddy Davis and I are involved in a variety of presentations and workshops. Our seminar coordinator team flew out today (actually, because of the snow storm that came through, they were diverted through Atlanta—so they arrived much later than they planned to begin the set up). Please pray for the success of this seminar.

Today I spent half the morning editing the next section of the new book my brother and I have written on the family. I also had two radio interviews today—one that was live on a major Christian radio station to publicize the New Jersey seminar, and one that was recorded to publicize the Zanesville, Ohio seminar coming up soon.


If you haven’t done so yet, please make sure you read today’s lead article concerning the "website of the year" award AiG has received from the National Religious Broadcasters organization. Our web team (and all of our staff) are so thrilled AiG’s website was chosen for this special honor. Read the article here: Website of the year!

Well, besides a number of meetings, the radio interviews, my annual medical checkup and writing a few letters, it was a typical day in the life of AiG.

Thanks for stopping by and keep praying!


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