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It seems today secular writers go out of their way to bring evolution into as many subjects as they can. Some of you may have seen the movie, KING KONG---well, an article has now appeared linking this movie to evolution. It’s eye-opening to see how many times evolutionary ideas surface in newspapers, magazines, TV advertisements, etc.

You may find this article on King Kong interesting. It begins this way:

King Kong may be a far-fetched creation of Hollywood but scientists say the big ape has some basis in biological fact: animals on islands often evolve into gigantic versions of their mainland kin.

See the article: CNN---Fictional King Kong mirrors odd island facts

One of the problems is that the more people read such evolutionary propaganda, the more they just accept it without question. Another reason why it’s so important for AiG to disseminate as much information as widely and quickly as possible.

We drove home from Nashville today. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Dr. Jason Lisle and I will be recorded in a debate with Dr. Hugh Ross and Dr. Walter Kaiser over the issue of millions of years, the "Big Bang", Genesis, etc. They are taping eight programs. Please be in prayer for these. I’ll give you a report each day after we record programs.

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