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Well, just to show you I can relax, I took the day off today, and Mally and I, together with Buddy and Kay Davis, drove to Nashville, Tennessee, (the home of country music) to attend the Opry with our friends the Mitchells.

We had a great night of fun and fellowship. I've included some photos of the Opry. Yes, Mally and I do like bluegrass and country music.


It is so encouraging for us at AiG when we receive testimonies like the following (and we have received so many like this, praise the Lord):

It's hard to believe that I have been a born again Christian for over 20 years. With a background of attending a conservative Baptist bible college in the late 80's, I thought a firm foundation in scripture was achieved. Looking back I never received an understanding of 6 literal days, one blood, Cains wife etc. Rather, many of us were more concerned with like: Day age, gap theory, double inspiration of the scriptures and so on.

To be honest, my faith had been diminished watching the Church change its music programs and preaching the "Trust Jesus" message. I recently discovered creationism and your ministry and feel like a new born babe in Christ. To say that my faith has been increased would be an understatement. Using your materials with the Bible, I have touched many in my circle of life in positive ways.

Why, because the foundation in Genesis! Thanks You Brother Ham and your entire staff for persevering so I too can witness effectively to the Greek. 1 Corinthians 1:23

PS: God willing, I will be seeing you at the Creation College Conference In Indiana July 2006.

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