The football battle and the end of the year

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Since my mention of going to the Bengals game, we've had some fun interaction with feedback from a Steelers fan---the fun continues:

Sir, you said:

My Response? Should I remind him that the Bengals recently thrashed the Pittsburgh Steelers on their HOME TURF!! So why would I want to wear a Steelers jersey?? (insert huge smile here)

You forget to mention that Pgh beat Cinncy on their home turf earlier in the season.

From Ken: "I'm a young-earth creationist---I only remember recent events!"

The feedback continued:

Even more importantly, you forgot to apply some of the great teaching and research you include in your many articles: That since the first week of creation, man (who started metallurgy six generations after Adam) has been put in charge of taking care of the earth and all life on it. Also, after the flood, animals were given fear of man.

Based on this fact, I believe that it will be the forgers of metal who will beat the feline beast in the end.

PS: I really do enjoy your magazine and website. I've used a lot of your stuff in blog debates

I even had feedback from Australia from someone commenting on the Bengals/Steelers rivalry!

As it's winter, and I can't mow the lawn, I guess my hobby right now can be defending our local football team!


AiG has a great relationship with the American Family Association's American Family Radio (a large Christian radio network). Today I was interviewed about the Dover PA Intelligent Design case that was ruled on recently and about a news item where secular scientists are declaring 2005 "the year of evolution" because of all the supposed breakthroughs of evidence they claim supports evolution! We'll be writing more about this in a coming newsletter.


We are waiting with anticipation to see how our end-of-year donations go---we are praying the Lord will enable us to end the year in the black and that the museum donations will be on track so our planned opening in April 2007 (debt free) will be a reality. We are really encouraged with the response from our supporters---so please keep praying.

Many people are taking advantage of the KETRA legislation---and many want to take advantage of a tax deduction for 2005 (you need to have your donation in to AiG postmarked no later than December 31 to receive a tax deduction for this year. You can also donate online using your credit card).


Our resident astrophysicist, Dr. Jason Lisle, showed me a 12-inch computerized telescope valued at $7,000 that was donated to AiG recently. I'll get Jason to tell you more about it in a future blog and include a photo.

Thanks for your prayers and support,


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