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This morning I found out that Mike Riddle, one of our speakers, had a burst appendix this past Friday and had to have an emergency operation. He spent Christmas Day in hospital unable to eat anything!

Mally and I visited Mike and his wife at the hospital today. One of the first things Mike said was, "I'm so glad this happened now---I had taken vacation time anyway! By the time my first speaking engagement for the new year (January 20) comes, I will be ready to go---I won’t miss anything!"

Mike and Leslie are so devoted to this ministry---and it’s so important to them that no one miss out on the vital messages Mike brings.

I told Mike we’ll have them round for a "Christmas" dinner once he's back on his feet.


I spent most of the day today reading various materials---also thinking through the February newsletter and monthly supporters' letter I need to write before the weekend. On Wednesday I have a radio interview about the Dover Intelligent Design case with the AFA's American Family Radio and various other meetings.

Tonight I had my "culture" experience in being dragged along to the live performance of the "Phantom of the Opera" at a theater in Cincinnati with my wife and most of the rest of our family. My wife just loved it! I agreed, of course!

Thanks for stopping by and keep praying.


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