Bengals or Steelers?

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I received some feedback today that I thought you should read—and then read my comment below:

Ken, I loved the pic of you and your daughter at the Bengals game. However, apparently no one has told you since you moved to the U.S.A. that you should ALWAYS wear Pittsburgh STEELERS attire to a football game! That is the AMERICAN thing to do. God bless you continually. I SO much appreciate your work. (but, get a Steeler's jersey).

My Response? Should I remind him that the Bengals recently thrashed the Pittsburgh Steelers on their HOME TURF!! So why would I want to wear a Steeler's jersey?? (insert huge smile here...)

Online Bible Day

I spent most of today (and this evening) locked away reading materials and preparing for various engagements this coming year. I also spent a lot of time working through items on the “Online Bible” program. The programmer (Larry Pierce) who produced this phenomenal Bible study tool is a close friend of mine and of our AiG ministry. Larry and his wife Marion produce this program as a ministry to the world, so that people can obtain one of the most powerful Bible software programs available—and at a very reasonable price. AiG sells this program here. The software includes numerous translations, dictionaries, Strongs numbers, AiG books, homeschool resources, LOTS of commentaries and Bible study books, and more! If you don’t use this tool, I would urge you to do so—I use it almost every day.

Today I was working with Larry through a new Hebrew Interlinear he is writing. I was also doing some Bible study to clarify the meaning of certain words in Genesis, etc.—what a great asset it is today to have computers and such software! I wonder what Calvin and Luther would have done had they had such incredible tools—actually, they wrote more than most Bible scholars today and they didn’t even have such tools! That’s humbling!

I will also be spending most of Tuesday studying—then I’m being DRAGGED by my family to see “The Phantom of the Opera” in Cincinnati! Now if it was a bluegrass concert, I wouldn’t mind—but an opera!? They bought me a ticket, so I guess I’ll have to go (kicking and screaming)!

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