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Thanks to all who wrote guest blogs while I was on vacation. Mally and I spent time in Australia with our relatives—it was a short visit really, but important for us to catch up with the “rellies” (as we call them in Aussie language).

This morning (Friday) I was interviewed by a Georgia secular radio station on the Dover ID case (you can read our article about the case here: Federal judge rules …). The radio show host then took calls—I just groan at the type of statements people make. I battled with a couple of people who just quoted what they’ve read in newspapers, or heard at school about evolution—they don’t know why they believe what they do, but it must be right—they read it or saw it on TV! When I questioned them about defending their position, they didn’t have a clue—yet creationists are wrong! Anyhow, I did my best to challenge them.

Hugh Ross Debate

Please pray for a special opportunity coming up January 3–4, 2006. John Ankerberg called AiG to ask me to be involved in an informal type television debate with Hugh Ross. It was agreed that our astrophysicist, Dr. Jason Lisle, and I would have an informal debate with Dr. Hugh Ross and Dr. Walter Kaiser representing the Reasons to Believe organization. There will be six (maybe eight), 30-minute television programs with John Ankerberg as the host. Please pray for wisdom as we prepare for this over Christmas.

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