Early Christmas

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As our married children will be spending Christmas day with their in-laws this year (it was our turn last year), we had Christmas dinner with our family today.

Mally and I were given a special present of a photograph of our children, grandchildren and son- and daughter-in-law.


Yesterday I received the final proof of the new children's book coming out next year entitled My Creation Bible. I spent time reading this to the family with two of our grandchildren sitting with me. As this is a rhyme book that begins in Genesis and summarizes the Bible through to Revelation, the message of the gospel (the real meaning of Christmas) came through clearly.

Tomorrow, my son and daughter (Jeremy and Danielle) are taking me to the Bengals football game. The Bengals made the playoffs this year. I was also given a present of a Bengals cardigan and beanie (just what I wanted!) that I'm supposed to wear to the game (I'll think I'll wear a disguise)---and The Weather Channel is forecasting rain---what an enjoyable time this should be! However, it is important for families to do things together (even if I still don't understand American football).

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