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I thought you would enjoy this email feedback we received, and praise the Lord for the effect the AiG ministry is having on people’s lives:

This message is just to encourage Ken Ham. You are doing a wonderful job promoting the truth. I just finished reading an article about the creation museum on and it really showed me how much people would do to discredit you. One 'minister' tried to discredit your stand on creation by stating that you are anti-gay! Of course you are! You believe in the Bible! This man apparently didn't.

It's a shame that we've reached this point in the Christian church. However, I wanted to say thank you for your ministry! I am 18 and just graduated from high school last year. I plan on entering in a career that will help promote biblical creationism, whatever that career may be. Also, I wanted to tell you that youth are interested! Very interested at that! I talk to several guys and girls about 14–18 every now and then about creation and the Bible, and they all seem intrigued that the Bible can be taken as truth! The more I show them about the Bible's truth, the more they want! Please pray that I can reach these kids with an accurate display of creation next month (Jan 06).

I have been asked by a youth leader that I help on Wednesday nights to talk about creation/evolution. Also, please pray that we can reach youth ministers with this message. A lot that I know are baffled by the creation/evolution war and are scared to take sides in public. Thanks again for this ministry!

Thank you, Lord, for encouraging us,


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