Guest Blog—Dr. Tommy Mitchell

by Ken Ham on December 12, 2005

Dr. Tommy Mitchell is one of AiG's newest speakers. A medical doctor by profession, Tommy communicates in a very down-to-earth, relational way. To learn more about Tommy, read his bio on the AiG website. Tommy also has a brand-new DVD—A God of Suffering?—filmed during the AiG relief effort in Ocean Springs earlier this year.

Being a full-time physician and a part-time AiG speaker presents certain problems. The most frustrating issue to me is being 300 miles away from the AiG offices. I can’t be on-site as often as I would like. Last week I did manage to get a day off to visit at AiG and spend several hours with the staff working out the details of my meetings in 2006. During the drive, I had the chance to reflect on my association with the ministry. One particular day with Ken Ham kept coming to my mind. I would like to share this special memory with you.

In 1999 I served as chairman for an Answers in Genesis regional seminar. A few weeks after the seminar, my family and I were guests in Ken’s home for a few days, and we had a wonderful time of fellowship. One afternoon during our visit, Ken said there was something he wanted to show us, a piece of property that AiG had just acquired. It was the land where the museum and offices now stand. At that time, it was just a field, a fence, a pond, and a cell tower. I remember that Ken didn’t even have a key for the gate at the time. We had to crawl through a hole in the fence to get in!

For several hours my wife and I toured the property with Ken. It was a privilege to see the land and hear his vision for a Christ-honoring creation museum. Ken spoke of the ministry’s plan for the museum, of how he hoped the pond area could be used, of the need for warehouse and office space on the same site, and of the nature trails designed to teach children of God’s creation. I’ll always remember Ken’s face as he guided us across those empty fields. I must confess that even though I fully supported the ministry, it all seemed too incredible at that time. Before we left that day, we stood near the cell tower and had a time of prayer for the ministry, earnestly desiring that the land would be used for the glory of God.

It wasn’t many months later that we stood in the drizzle as Ken and Dr. John Whitcomb dedicated the land. Construction soon began, and I took every opportunity to follow the museum’s progress on the AiG website.

This spring we visited for a few days. As he took us on a real "backstage" tour of the museum, I reminded Ken of that day in 1999 when the museum was more vision than visible. We talked of the many talented people the Lord has brought to AiG to help in this endeavor and the countless hours of work and prayer that have gone into this project.

When I tour the museum today, I am awestruck!

Before I left the museum property last week, I stood in that same spot near the cell tower and offered a prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord for all He has done!

Thanks for letting me share,

Tommy Mitchell

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