What is a Christmas carol?

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Today we attended three different shows in Pigeon Forge. The first was a breakfast show with the "Blackwood Brothers and Singers" gospel singing groups---it was a great witness to those present. The second was a Louise Mandrell program---she also had a gospel message and a series of gospel songs. This evening we attended the "Dixie Stampede"---a great program that included a Nativity segment that is the best we've ever seen. But I did groan at their pre-show: they had a great bluegrass band, whose leader said, "we’re going to play you some of your favorite Christmas carols." The first three were: "Santa Claus is coming to town," "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" and "Jingle Bells!" They did play a couple of real Christmas carols after that!

We're roughing it just like the pioneers---log cabin, central heating, satellite TV, telephone, all the latest kitchen appliances, TV in the bedroom, and a hot tub on the deck---yep, roughing it just like the old pioneer days!

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