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Mally and I, together with Buddy and Kay Davis, are in the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area for a few days of R & R. Buddy brought his mandolin along, so I took a couple of photos on the back deck of the log cabin we are staying in, overlooking the Smoky Mountains.

Tonight was a special night---what a contrast to this morning, though. We stopped by Wal-Mart this morning, and we noticed the word "Christmas" had been deleted from the store. We saw signs like "happy holidays" and "holiday shopping," etc. This year, sadly, many businesses have deleted the word "Christmas" as the culture in the USA becomes more pagan every day.

This evening, we attended a program at the Smith Family Theater in Pigeon Forge. We had no idea what the show would be like---it was fantastic. Probably the best such show we've every seen. Not only was it entertaining, with phenomenal talent, but the lead entertainers made sure they let everyone know they gave all glory to God. They ended the program with a series of gospel songs, with the finale being "How Great Thou Art"---what a rendition that was. WOW! And what a witness this program was. Certainly puts Wal-Mart to shame.

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