Which one is the angel?

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I have attached three photographs I took at Dollywood tonight. One has lights formed into the shape of an angel, but I think the REAL angel is standing to the left in this photograph: the woman who has always fully supported me in the AiG ministry, my wife of 33 years this month (December)---Mally!


At nearly all of the shows we attended in Pigeon Forge, one of the performers would say something like "we say 'Merry Christmas' here" (an obvious reference to the fact that many stores and other places are deleting the word "Christmas"). When the performer would say this, there was always spontaneous applause from the audience. We suspect the majority of people do not support the deletion of "Christmas."

Well, this short vacation is over, although Mally thinks I spent as much time on my cell phone and computer as we did doing fun things! The problem is that if I didn't keep up with things, I'd be stressed about all the work waiting for me!

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