Bunyan Preaches Again

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It was thrilling for me today to see a project we’ve been working on for a while coming to fruition. Next month, in cooperation with Master Books we are distributing a unique replica (reprint) of a old edition of Pilgrim’s Progress. Not only does this large book (even bigger than the size of "The Annals of the World" by Ussher) contain a copy in large print of the original English edition of Pilgrim’s Progress—but there are a number of his other books, last sermon and other unique writings. I can’t wait to get my copy.

Now in addition to this, as a Museum fund raiser, one of our young sculptors sculpted two unique (as far as we know never been done before) bookends. I gave the sculptor photographs of Bunyan’s tomb in London—on the sides of his tomb are two sculptures showing Pilgrim with his burden on his back and then Pilgrim before the cross with the burden coming off his back. These two sculptures not only sum up the entire message of “Pilgrim’s Progress” but also preach the gospel! Our sculptor (Travis) sculpted the book ends to look exactly like the sculptures on the tomb—you would think Travis was the one to actually do the ones on the tomb itself—they are SO good.

I have enclosed a photo of the bookend sculptures (Travis even copied the cracks etc on the tomb so they look just like the tomb today). The sculptures are being cast in a pewter like substance. They will be quite heavy and look just like pewter. For a $350 donation to the Creation Museum (allowing a $250 tax deduction for USA tax payers), you can receive the two bookends and the reprint old edition of the book. Information about this will be sent out in October’s newsletter and put on the web soon.

Pallets and More Pallets

Today, 15 pallets of books (see photograph), pens, pencils etc arrived for the 4,000 sets of school supplies AiG is taking down to Mississippi next week for a community’s public school students. The backpacks arrive Monday—then volunteers and staff will be putting the supplies in each back pack. AiG has collected a phenomenal amount of articles to take down to Mississippi—distributing the items through a local church. I’ll tell you more on this later as all sorts of exciting things are happening in regard to this outreach.

Behind the Scenes Friday

Today was another “Behind the Scenes Day” when AiG Charter Members come in for the day to tour through the Museum and Offices. Most of them eat in "Noah’s Café". During the day, we have three photograph sessions (see the enclosed photograph of myself with a homeschool group that visited for BTS today), and three lecture sessions where myself, Patrick Marsh (our exhibit designer) and Dr. Jason Lisle (our resident Astronomer) give talks on various aspects of the ministry and Museum.

We had some friends we knew from San Diego come in today for the BTS program—they also came to our home for dinner. On Saturday, my family informed me we are all going kayaking down a local river for the day—my wife Mally said, "you can’t take your cell phone—you can’t take your computer!" I’ll probably have withdrawal symptoms!

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