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This morning I gave the final lecture at the Christ For The Nations Bible College in Dallas, Texas. I had lunch with one of the faculty and then off to DFW to fly home. When I arrived home, the following encouraging email was waiting for me:

This is just an awesome thanks to AiG and to Ken Ham. He is down here in Dallas, Tx. teaching at C.F.N.I. This morning he taught about One Blood… I was blessed beyond blessed, and wanted to scream so loudly to the city of Dallas… This message is so badly needed, more than we realize. The impact of this understanding relates directly to the impact of evangelism in our cities. Though much of this is not new to me, when he taught yesterday about all mankind being from one man and one woman, and then mentioning later about believing God for the salvation of relatives, that this actually means using our faith for people around us, it was as though the Holy Spirit made the connection so real in my mind, suddenly my faith was injected with new and renewed passion for my neighbors. Oh, AiG, may our Lord Jesus increase and expand this message of One Blood through you and many believers across the globe.

Walker, Texas Ranger

I’m sure many of you know of Chuck Norris from the TV program "Walker, Texas Ranger." While I was visiting a businessman in Dallas, Chuck Norris happened to walk into his office. We had a great chat about what he’s doing in helping to get Bible curriculum into public schools in the USA. I was impressed by Chuck’s devotion to proclaiming the authority of the Bible.

Hit by a Bus

Sometimes when we don’t feel good, we might say we feel like we were "hit by a bus." Well—one of our staff did get hit by a bus! Mike Zovath (VP in charge of the Museum) and Brad Benbow (one of our consultants) were in Dallas for our Creation Museum Fund raiser on Monday night (which went very well by the way.). When Mike and Brad were driving away from the hotel on Tuesday morning in their rental car, a bus slammed into the side of the car. The car was badly damaged but Mike and Brad escaped with minor bumps and bruises. A Tow truck then took Mike and Brad along with the rental back to the rental car place. I guess that’s one way to return your car! Mike claimed it was the bus driver’s fault—I want to see the police report to confirm this!

Katrina Report

Tom Miller (Director of Outreach) sent out this AiG Katrina relief report today:

We are making some progress in our efforts to support the families in Ocean Springs. Donations continue to come in, and they are certainly needed and appreciated. Today, I signed off on the purchase orders for the school supplies and the backpacks. Those items are in transit and we are anxiously awaiting their arrival. Once again, we need prayer surrounding this whole effort, but especially the delivery of the backpacks. Our supplier has been great to work with, but as with many such transactions, there are several different entities involved and if any one of them doesn’t understand the sense of urgency, the delivery will be delayed. We are following up on the shipment daily trying to make sure that we have everyone aware of the need to expedite delivery. I am down to three shipping options, and will have the final pricing for the tractor-trailer tomorrow. All three agencies are working hard to help us. One is looking to see if there is any way that they can deliver our items at no charge—now that would be fantastic! Even if that does not work out, we have been offered really great rates. All of these companies have given so much to the relief effort thus far and I am impressed that they are still willing to reach out and help. As we close out this effort, I will update you with the company names and the first names of those who have supported us. That will give each of us the opportunity to lift them in prayer and thank God for giving them helping hearts and hands.

We picked up a few more team members today. One of our volunteer tour guides and his son will be joining us on the trip. Here are excerpts from a couple of emails that Steve sent to us:

"Nathan (Steve’s son) has commented on several occasions that he would like to go to the disaster area to help in some way. I think because he was in Mobile on a summer mission youth trip several years ago, he has a deep concern for the people he met there. Nathan will turn 26 next week. He had been planning to go to upstate New York next week with a buddy to watch a race but readily agreed to this idea when I presented it to him. Nathan has a 16' enclosed trailer and is willing to haul a load. I can take a couple of days off and go along with him to help him drive and load/unload. We will both need to be back to go to work on Monday morning though. I'll let that work itself out.

I read the blog and understand that the materials will be sent down by semi-truck and trailer. If Nathan's offer to help is needed he will need to know before the week-end so he can make the appropriate change of plans. He had plans to go to New York for a GNCC race with a friend. Nathan does some racing, thus why he has a trailer. It is inspiring to see the outpouring of generosity from the supporters of AiG."

So here we have a young man who is willing to scrap his birthday trip with a friend to make a thirty hour round trip drive with his dad just so he can sleep on the floor of a church for two nights and work hard in ninety degree heat accompanied by high humidity. Oh, and by the time he gets home, he might catch between four and six hours of sleep before going back to work on Monday.

We are also going to be joined by a two more staff members who will help us document the trip for our supporters. Our desire is to offer daily feedback to our family of supporters. This way, they can participate in the trip and see what their generosity and obedience has made possible. Unfortunately, the live streaming video won’t be possible, but we will send lots of photos and text updates along with video (delayed) feeds for the web. I don’t understand any of the technology surrounding this, but we have a couple of guys who do; and they volunteered their time to make it happen for us all.

The hurricane outreach team met again today to further coordinate the effort. What an honor to sit with these folks and watch the Lord work through them to accomplish His work. We opened and closed in prayer seeking the discernment, endurance and wisdom that only God can give us as we take on a challenge this large.


I have previously included a number of email responses we’ve received—here are another couple:

Dear Sir, I live on the Gulf Coast and it is very good to see that you are doing something to help out in the aftermath of this tragic event. May God bless and keep you. Keep up the good work C. T. Grand Bay, Alabama

Dear friends, We are deeply moved by the disaster and praying for all the affected brothers and sisters. In India many people are praying for the Katrina affected people.

Yours in His love, C. Nagpur, India

Tomorrow’s Schedule

Well tomorrow I am going to address the staff at 8:30 am for the morning staff meeting/devotion. Then I am meeting with our strategic planning consultant. I will be signing the October letters that go out to our supporters—then a radio interview—then hopefully, home in time to mow the lawn again!!!

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