UK and Canada Promote Katrina Outreach

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Both the AiG-UK and AiG-Canada join with us to raise money for our outreach effort to Mississippi children.

Dr. Monty White, CEO of AiG-UK sent the following to us:

Please, please count us (the UK) in on this. I think that this is an excellent move and I fully endorse it.

Let me share something with you. A few months ago I was speaking to students at Stirling University in Scotland – the one where many unsaved attended in great numbers, as reported in our April-June 2005 Prayer News. While I was answering questions, one person went up to Irene and asked her about AiG’s status. Irene explained that we were a charity and he then asked Irene to tell him what charitable work we did and what we did with our money. I think he was expecting a “nil return”. He was shocked and also pleased to hear how much literature we gave away – especially our materials in foreign languages. Irene explained that some of this material was given to churches, but others were given to schools, colleges, universities and prisons. (There’s an article, with photographs, of Russian material being distributed in the Ukraine in our next Prayer News, by the way). This seemed to pacify this man’s curiosity and he was pleased to hear of our “works”. You see, so many people in the UK view AiG as this tough, argumentative, creation-pushing, anti-evolution, book selling organisation and this banner with its message of “Please help our fellow humans materialistically” will, I believe, really help how we are viewed in the UK.’

Richard Fangrad, CEO of AiG-Canada said in an email: "Yes, ... we (Canada) should definitely participate in this." Canadian tax laws are such that tax receipts can only be issued if certain things are in place. Richard has made that possible---so Canadians can donate to this as well!

I am in Texas at the present time—I hope to hear from the AiG office today to see where we are up to in our efforts to supply 1000 (minimum) backpacks and supplies to public school children in Mississippi. If you haven’t given to this yet, you can do so by going to this link:


I thought you would appreciate seeing our lobby ‘children’ up close—check out the two photographs (these are the animatronic children in the Creation Museum Lobby)


I have a very busy day to day. I lecture at a Bible College, then a meeting with a couple of businessmen, then speak at a fund raiser for the Creation Museum tonight.

Thanks for praying


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